But outdated communications
formats and clunky content platforms
are burning out your workforce.

Overflowing inboxes and dusty intranets make work exhausting.


are considering resigning


are disengaged.

Costing your business


of their salary every year.

Time to lift up your workforce.


Aimcast turns any organization into a modern content publisher.

No more unread newsletters.
No more endless emails.
No more back to back meetings.

Aimcast makes work as engaging as your favorite content app and as motivating as your favorite fitness app.

Before Aimcast

  • Newsletters
  • Town Halls
  • Leadership Updates
  • Intranet

With Aimcast

Personalized News Feed
On-demand Video Stream
Your super app

We call them Knowledgeable Nudges™.
Knuggets™ for short.


Understands you (needs/habits) and your context (time/place) then curates Knuggets™ just for you.


Contextual suggestions to inform better decisions. We gamify these actions and incentivize them with tokens, rewards and discounts.

Trusted by Fortune 50, 100 and 500 Companies.

Jim Haney

Director, National Accounts, Supply Chain Customer Solutions, Johnson & Johnson

“The user-friendliness and flexibility of the platform helps people to consume content in a way that works for them. Employees can engage and connect in a way that they couldn’t before, and now they can better connect to our purpose and goals.”

Dan Alpern

Marketing Director, US Navy

“The water cooler where we had conversations is gone. We’re not all servants to email and text. Now people are reconstructing networks and are getting a chance to re-establish themselves… What I like about the Aimcast environment is that it supports real-time communication. I can see people’s comments, updates, and conversations.”

Elaine M. Brennan

Executive Director, Global Strategic Partnerships, Northwell Health

“We chose Aimcast over any other platform as our technology partner of record because of their ability to meet each user where they are with what matters to them in real time, helping us create a continuum of care regardless of when and where they may be. Aimcast is building our B2C knowledge portals such as FeBee, the world's first virtual home for all holistic women’s health.”

Aimcast deepens the relationship between employers and employees.

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We’ve assembled the top minds from the worlds of entertainment, technology and healthcare.

Meet our Leadership

Steve Rimland

Steve Rimland

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Steve is a visionary who pushes the frontiers of content, technology, and partnerships, who understands how to build world class teams. He pioneered the Enhanced CD technology for the music industry which generated 100M’s of dollars for artists and labels. He executive produced the Enhanced CD The Wu Tang Forever album which sold over 10 million copies, and partnered with AOL which helped the disk generate an additional $250 million dollars. Steve was the first songwriter in the US signed by Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, wrote several hit songs, played keyboards and produced on many Grammy Award winning albums, including his own on Sony BMG entitled Enchanted. Steve led new media and digital at BMG Sony and Interscope Records, and influenced the music industry to adopt iTunes, including Interscope’s deal with Eminem and U2 to be featured on the first iPod release. He was the first to live stream concerts and music talk shows on Mark Cuban’s Broadcast.com which contributed to its value and sale of $5.7b to Yahoo. He also helped to build Howstuffworks.com. which ultimately sold to Discovery Networks for $250m.

Matan Arazi

Matan Arazi

Co-Founder / Chief Technology Officer

Honed from military intelligence experience, Matan is a leading technologist and cyber security expert. He has focused his skills on big data and machine learning startups which have led to many industry breakthroughs, industry disruptions and patents as well as successful exits (including public companies). Among them, he founded Medycus, a health and wellness mobile app and machine-learning system and has served as Director of Technology for A2i, a data management startup that was acquired by SAP. He is named as an inventor on over 10 patents and has 7 patents for which he is the sole inventor.

Ryan Richards

Ryan Richards

Chief Marketing Officer

After starting and selling his record label back in 2004, Ryan has led Brand Strategy for the world’s largest brands at the world’s most decorated creative agencies including: Volkswagen, McDonald’s and Gatorade at DDB Sydney, HBO and AT&T at BBDO New York, Lebron James’ Powerbeats Pro, James Harden’s first signature shoe with Adidas and Venmo’s first brand campaign with Zambezi Los Angeles.

Richard Zemsky

Richard Zemsky

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Product Officer

An engineer and attorney by training, Richard’s professional life has focused on communicating complex information simply. This has spanned the technical aspects of intellectual property law and software development centered on data visualization for fluid dynamics, oceanographic data sets and social travel recommendations. Richard is experienced in running early-stage companies, co-founding a biotech startup changing how mental health issues are diagnosed and treated.

Ofir Zohar

Ofir Zohar

Chief Innovation Officer

Recognized as one of the brightest minds in technology, Ofir trained in elite military intelligence units, co-authored over 100 patents, received various distinctions including IBM's most Distinguished Engineer award as well as IDF's head of intelligence award for creative thought. Ofir was the founder and CEO of XIV which sold to IBM for over $300M and founded AR platforms used by leading brands (Coca Cola, Pepsi, RockNation, Rihanna and more).

Mark Joncich

Mark Joncich

EVP of Strategy and Customer Fulfillment

Responsible for over 2 billion USD in cumulative sales throughout his expansive career, Mark has led various multinational technology companies including Unisys, AT&T, Vitria Technology and SAP, where he oversaw the launch of jointly produced new products with Adobe and Microsoft. Mark has launched 7 startups, two of which sold to AT&T, a third sold to SAP and a fourth was sold to NepApp for $450M.

Lou Diamond

Lou Diamond

Chief Voice and Engagement Officer

For over 25 years Lou has been a top sales performer, keynote speaker and performance mentor helping businesses, top performers and brands thrive through the power of connecting. As the CEO of Thrive, he has helped hundreds of organizations shatter sales goals, retain clients and build a thriving culture. He is the best-selling author of “Master the Art of Connecting" and is a top-rated podcast host of numerous programs - most notably, Thrive LOUD with Lou Diamond, and Why They Listen podcast powered by Aimcast.

Felicia Pintilei

Felicia Pintilei

Director of Product Management

Felicia is a product management professional with extensive background in marketing and UX design. She has led multiple Israeli and US startup teams as well as multinational and Fortune 500 clients, navigating the complexities of modern product development to understand their various product specs, design and marketing needs.

Michel Paul

Cary Ladd

VP of Content Strategy

Hailing from the sandstone cliffs of Southern California, Cary has over 12 years of marketing experience with startups and national brands alike. Most recently, Cary has gravitated towards brand strategy, working on creative projects for some of the world’s most interesting brands. With a keen eye on the pulses of culture at large and micro-cultures within, Cary is able to synergize worlds & forecast trends that translate to brand construction, execution, and market success.

Meet our Advisors

David Falk

David Falk

Founder of F.A.M.E.

David has long been recognized as one of the sports industry’s leading figures and most talented innovators. He negotiated Michael Jordan’s one-year $30 million contract in 1996, the highest salary in NBA history for the next 16 years. He also negotiated Michael Jordan’s ground-breaking deal with Nike, which is the most successful endorsement relationship in history, and in the process coined the nickname “Air Jordan.” Falk crossed over into entertainment and executive produced the Ivan Reitman/Warner Bros. feature Space Jam. Because of David’s impact and influence in the sports and business industries, the Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics at Syracuse University was established, followed by the Falk Academy of Management and Entrepreneurship at George Washington University Law School.

Bob Pearson

Bob Pearson

CEO of the Bliss Group

Bob is globally recognized as a marketing visionary, one of the pioneers of the social media industry who is focused on identifying and building new digital media and technology models centered on data science. Bob serves as CEO of The Bliss Group, a leading communications firm. He has played a key role in building two top 50 worldwide media firms. W2O recently sold for 1.3 billion USD. Bob has served as a global leader in communications at Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Novartis and Dell. Author of four books, designer and teacher of new classes as an adjunct professor at The University of Texas McCombs School (new digital media models, persuasive selling), he is a Visiting Scholar at The University of Southern California (analytics models, digital media) and a guest lecturer for the U.S. Government with a focus on digital media and how to counter disinformation and extremism.

Dr. Jeff Weisz

Dr. Jeff Weisz

Former Medical Director of Kaiser Permanente, California and Oregon

The former Medical Director of Kaiser Permanente in California and Oregon, Dr Jeff Weisz has achieved international acclaim for driving science-backed, evidence-based approaches to physical and emotional preventative wellness throughout the Kaiser Permanente organization. Here he served approximately 6 million patients with over 3,500 doctors, over 120 hospitals and clinics, and budgets of over $7 billion dollars, driving Kaiser’s highly successful preventative wellness program achieving over 25% cost improvement. Kaiser's annual wellness conference is named after Jeff and is focused on experiential and information learning.

Michel Paul

Michel Paul

Former President of Johnson & Johnson's Global Strategic Customer Solutions

Michel has served in many leadership roles throughout his career, including President of Johnson & Johnson’s Global Strategic Customer Solutions organization and Company Group Chairman for J&J’s $2.6 billion worldwide Diabetes Care Franchise. Prior to the CGC position, he was the Worldwide President of DePuy Mitek, a leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices for Arthroscopic and Orthopedic Sports Medicine. Michel also serves on the National Board of Bottom Line, a philanthropic organization serving over 8,000 students across three states, with the shared goal of enabling low-income, first-generation students get into college, graduate and go far in life.

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